Vilnius Train Station Competition: Vortex

Vilnius Lithuania hosted a design competition for revitalizing their central train station and it's surrounding urban context. The following design proposal was done individually. Furthermore, the design includes recreating the original train station façade prior to Soviet Occupation. Overall, this project was of interest to me given that I am a 2nd generation Lithuanian. Check […]

Lake Wildwood Grass Valley Project

18901 WILDFLOWER DR Location: Lake Wildwood, California Description: Designing for a vacant lot in Northern California on Lake Wildwood for a potential client. The house boasts over 4,000 square feet, a gold cart garage, hot tub, lake dock, easy access to the local private beach and a metal roof that resists local wild fires.

Korea Town Residential Renovation

KOREA TOWN RESIDENTIAL RENOVATION Location: Korea Town, Los Angeles Description: Working with developer Max Van Norman this house was designed to maximize the originality of the house while updating it to be safe. High-end finishes were used to cater to the type of buyer for this house. This house is truly one-of-a-kind. It was designed […]

CNC Chair Layered Baltic Birch Plywood

CNC chair cut from Baltic Birch Plywood using digital fabrication techniques. The “slices” of plywood were cut from a 4’x5’ sheet of plywood and then glued together to form the shape of the chair. The design was used to minimalism the use of material yet create a sturdy designed chair.


Website Design and Development for JJClayStudio.com - Shop my Handmade Ceramic Collection

Shop my latest ceramics collection at JJClayStudio.com !    

Website Design And Developement Of ArchitectureAdrenaline.com

My enthusiasm for innovative buildings and structural designs has evolved into this dedicated space. This blog and e-commerce platform is catered towards architects, students, and enthusiasts interested in the art and science of architecture. Explore Architectural Design and Urban Planning Additionally, the blog provides comprehensive insights and in-depth details about architectural design, urban planning, and […]

Website Design And Developement Of PetFishPlants.com

My passions for aquariums and fish tanks manifested into creating this blog and e-commerce website for the hobby of freshwater fish keeping. Furthermore, the blog contains in-depth information regarding specifically aqua-scaping. Check out the latest from PetFishPlants.com.

Website Design and Development for KrizzyCooks.com

As website developers, David Sunnyside (my collaborator and cousin) wanted to grow our experience from just developing websites for ourselves. We launched Krizzy Cooks in 2020 for my sister Kristina Ankus. The blog features recipes and content related to cooking and nutrition. Furthermore, this is an exciting project for us to test our web development […]

Website Design And Development For Tech-Exclusive.com

Tech-Exclusive.com was acquired by my collaborator David Sunnyside and myself in 2020. The website was remade into a technology blog with a wide variety of content. Furthermore, the website has affiliate product listings to generate income. The graphics were composed myself through CSS design code.

Website Development And Design For KefiMind.com

Kefi Mind was created in 2020 by co-founder, David Sunnyside, and myself. KefiMind.com is a blog all about personal health. Furthermore, the graphics and design were composed by myself. Together, David and I work on developing the blog's content through keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), and content curation. Through our skills in online search […]

Website Development And Design For UrbanSplatter.com

UrbanSplatter.com was created in 2012 as a blog about my personal interests in the architecture and design community. Since then, the blog has expanded into a multi-facetted digital space. Urban Splatter now has an e-commerce store, top-ranking content related to celebrity home design, and 5+ daily articles on home improvement, construction, interior design, real estate […]


IBEW Crane Storage Facilities Building Wight & Company

During my internship at Wight & Company in Darien, Illinois I assisted on the design of the building. Designing a monotone, transparent-spectral grid pattern for the façade gave the building it's heightened sense of design.

Lakeshore Drive Chicago Rooftop Pergola

While working for O'Brien Metal I was tasked with creating fabrication drawings for a 20' x 10' solid aluminum pergola. The project was for the rooftop terrace for a penthouse on Lakeshore Drive in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Furthermore, the project was designed by Dirk Denison Architects. O'Brien metal was sub-contracted to fabricate the pergola. Personally, […]

1st Dibs E-Commerce Catalog Design

While working for O'Brien Metal in Chicago Illinois, I curated metal architectural and furniture pieces to be sold on 1st Dibs online catalog. The project involved created a curated selection of pieces that have been fabricated at the O'Brien Metal fabrication shop. Furthermore, this involved communication with sales representatives from 1st Dibs to best showcase […]

Residential Lot Site Analysis Drawings

I created this site analysis while working for Geoff Sumich Design in San Juan Capistrano, California. The client was a real estate agent who was interested in seeing the architectural possibilities on the vacant lot. Furthermore, in this study I represented the buildable square footage of the lot given the legal setbacks and other geographical […]

Wight & Company Police Station

POLICE STATION Chicago Suburbs Summer Internship of 2019 Wight & Company Responsibilities Develop a spatial needs assessment for a police station located in a rural suburb of 5,000 residents Create a booklet with information derived from our previous judicial projects and newly conceived research Develop a feasible fiscal estimate Design Team Danielle Appello James Michaels


Continental Motors Factory Detroit Proposal

THE SALVAGE SANCTUARY Detroit, Michigan Academic Year Final Spring semester of 2020 Instructors Dirk Denison Collaborators Philip Kafka - Client / Site Developer Julie Bargmann - Landscape Architect Criteria Investigate an existing abandoned former Continental Motors Factory Propose a pavilion for sanctuary Consider future expansion into the existing concrete and brick infrastructure Description Demolition on […]

Miami Florida Living Bring Architecture Project

LIVING BRIDGE Miami, Florida Academic Year Fall semester of 2019 Instructors Susan Conger-Austin Paul Endres Criteria Demonstrate an idea of an inhabited bridge made of bamboo that would be constructed in 200 years Accommodate 100,000+ inhabitants Span a minimum of 2 miles (3.2 km) Site visit to experience and investigate the existing culture and climate […]

Chicago's Lakeview Collections Museum

CURIOSITY CABINET Chicago, Illinois Academic Year Spring semester of 2019 Instructor Catherine Wetzel Criteria Design a building to house temporary exhibitions of everyday objects that are collected and curated in ways that reveal how artifacts define humanity’s interaction with the world. Description Visiting the art museum is an experience of individual mindfulness with movement constrained […]

Chicago's Goose Island Kayak Rowing Center

ROWING CLUB BOAT HOUSE Chicago, Illinois Academic Year Spring semester of 2018 Instructor Andrew Tinucci Criteria Develop an armature to house rowing boats of varying lengths Develop a scheme to house the programmatic elements that a rowing club would require Description To encourage movement towards the Chicago River through the use of a curved wall […]

Modular Kayak Storage Rack

ARMATURE FOR ROWING BOATS Academic Year Spring semester of 2018 Criteria An investigation exploring the scale, movement, function and materiality of small recreational boats (i.e. rowing sculls/shells, kayaks, and canoes) and the physical processes of moving from storage to the water and back. Description A corridor down the spine of the armature creates space for […]

Kraftwerk Bille Hamburg Germany Student Architecture Project

ÖVM HUB HAMBURG, GERMANY Hamburg, Germany Academic Year Fall semester of 2018 - Study Abroad Instructor Martin Kläschen HafenCity University Professors Amelie Rost Martin Kohler Criteria Reimagine the development of an existing historic industrial site that was originally a coal power plant and currently is used as a space for artists Description The cantilevered truss […]

Architecture Student Stair Project

ASCENT Academic Year Fall semester of 2017 Criteria Design a stair assembly that navigates a tall and steep slope. The stair may have alternative functions, but the primary objective is to design a stair that allows for ascent and descent. The critical investigations will be to explore the act of ascending/descending, to research and analyze […]

House Analytique Architectural Drawing and Model Set

CRAVEN RD HOUSE ANALYTIQUE Toronto, Canada Academic Year Fall semester of 2016 Instructor Marshall Brown Project Organization Group of 3 for the site model All other models and drawings were done individually Criteria A series of hand-drafted drawings and models that thoroughly explore the architectural characteristics of the selected house Description The dichotomy was explored […]

Ski Challet Architectural Proposal

Galena, IL Academic Year Fall semester of 2017 Instructor Agata Siemionow Criteria To analyze the existing conditions at the Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort and generate new architecture to facilitate ticket sales, 500 ski and boot rentals, a restaurant and an emergency first aid area. The site is set on the side of a valley with […]

Fibonacci Golden Ratio Architecture: Ecology Center

ECOLOGY CENTER Chicago, IL Academic Year Fall semester of 2015 Instructor Mark Pearson Criteria To explore the architectural language of what an ecology center would be in Chicago on a site situated adjacent to Lake Michigan. Program to include at least an exhibit space and spaces for education and research. Description The project draws inspiration […]

All graphics or photos were produced or taken by Justin Ankus unless otherwise noted.
Welcome to my digital portfolio. Finding balance both graphically and experientially in a design is most important to me. My name is Justin Ankus and I am an architectural designer with website design and development experience. I currently live in Los Angeles with roots from Chicago. Feel free to contact me for any inquiries. Looking forward to connecting with you.
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