Hello and welcome to my digital space! Design and space are concepts that can mutually inform one another in sometimes unexpected yet beautiful ways. You cannot have space without design but you can have design without space. I believe that everyone has a special gift that manifests subconsciously through their decisions, reactions and talents.

I crave control when it comes to design. Every megapixel on my websites has been thoroughly thought about. I enjoy seeing others experience my architecture because it validates or proves wrong my design decisions. I have this feeling of adrenaline that starts in my root chakra and grows into my stomach and up my spine that is triggered by creative thoughts. It comes in waves of pleasure when I am able to control these user experiences.

I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur/architect/web-developer/writer/musician/anything that lets me control and manipulate parameters with limitless possibilities leading to obsessive creativity. I am attracted to masculinity in my sexual desires and femininity and masculinity equally in my platonic relationships.
I was birthed near Chicago Illinois as an American with Lithuanian roots. I love culture and hope you can experience my abundant cultural exposures through my work.

I find myself most creative when I am not trying. I strive to let my subconscious mind take control as I trust it very much. Reaching a flow state of mind is my favorite as It is a temporary escape. Life is very short and every moment is so precious. Look around, what do you see? What does this say about you? Right now I am in an airplane to Chicago from Los Angeles to visit family. The architecture is specific and highly designed to precise levels of detail. I appreciate being in spaces of extreme design such as airplanes and cars. Hopefully this webs space can bring this sense of limitless creativity with a high sophisticated level of intentional design!

My Satisfied Collaborators

  • Justin is a fast learner and has many different skills, we loved working with him to design our dream home.

    Henry Dwyer

  • My website was designed and developed to perfection. Working with Justin has been an incredible experience.

    Krizzy Cooks

  • He was the perfect fit for getting my architectural drawings for a home renovation finished on time.

    Wayne Chubb

Autodesk Revit

Rhino - Rhinoceros 3D



Autodesk AutoCAD

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Oxygen Website Builder

Wordpress Websites

My Skills

I work with a plethora of different digital softwares depending on the specifc needs of a project. My compositional skills are always implemented throughout the design and deelopement process of a project.
All graphics or photos were produced or taken by Justin Ankus unless otherwise noted.
Welcome to my digital portfolio. Finding balance both graphically and experientially in a design is most important to me. My name is Justin Ankus and I am an architectural designer with website design and development experience. I currently live in Los Angeles with roots from Chicago. Feel free to contact me for any inquiries. Looking forward to connecting with you.
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