Joshua Tree Travel Photos and Art

Boxism Over Cubism

Crazy things happen here in Joshua Tree. The national park has brought many interesting people to the area.

I found this out when my friend and I went to Joshua Trees one summer break, but not because of anything that happened within the park itself- instead it was just an average day spent exploring different areas around town; however there are so many interesting people who live in these parts!

Joshua tree is simply a place of wonders, and some people come here just for the experience.

Joshua trees are greener than most other places in California; they have brought out those with an interest or appreciation in nature's beauty to make themselves at home among their lush subtleties--and crazy things happen! Experimentalist architecture and art which are not of subtly lives in the middle of this desert city.

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All graphics or photos were produced or taken by Justin Ankus unless otherwise noted.
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